Success Stories

Mr. G

Mr. G is a 78-year-old male with physical disabilities once resided in southern Prince George’s County, Maryland where he resided with family members. He became homeless due to his family not being able to maintain payments on their house. The family eventually moved to North Carolina after Mr. G refused to leave because of his horse and cat that stayed in a barn on their property. He said that the horse and cat were his family. He loved his animals so much the thought of leaving them were unbearable. Once the family moved Mr. G stayed in the barn with his horse and cat until he was told he could no longer stay on the property.

Mr. G became a client and resident with JHP Greenbelt Permanent Supportive Housing Program where he was assisted with getting his Social Security benefits and food assistance. After residing in the program for two years, Mr. G was no longer able to live independently as his physical disabilities intensified. He was diagnosed with Glaucoma in both eyes; he was nearly blind, his health was deteriorating where he was no longer mobile and able to wash his clothing, cook, or clean himself.

Mr. G’s niece, Ms. H, lost contact with her uncle once she moved and did not know where he was located. With the help of his former Case Manager from JHP Prince George’s House Men’s Shelter where he previously stayed, she located his niece’s telephone number.

The Program Manager from Greenbelt Permanent Supportive Housing Program contacted Mr. G’s niece and was able to reunite the family; Ms. H had been searching for her uncle for two years! The Program Manager began to schedule telephone calls for Mr. G and his niece and soon arranged for him to move to be with his family.

Mr. G is now living with his only remaining family members, his niece, and nephews. His niece occasionally calls the Program Manager to check-in and report on Mr. G’s health. Mr. G is excited that he now a new cowboy hat, boots, and belt!

Mr. W

Mr. W is a 34-year-old male who has experienced multiple episodes of homelessness. Constantly hospitalized due to Sickle Cell Anemia, Mr. W found it extremely difficult to cope during the Covid-19 pandemic. He was afraid to leave his home, but his anxiety became heightened because his roommates, his friends, now became his #1 health danger. How could he protect himself from a health danger he could not see? How could he communicate to his friends that he now had to isolate away from them, when they were already isolating together? With his physical, mental, and emotional health all equally at risk, Mr. W’s Permanent Supportive Housing Case Manager quickly pivoted as advocated for Mr. W to receive a highly coveted Housing Choice Voucher where we would be able to move into his own subsidized, income-based, apartment. Soon after, Mr. W moved and remains in contact with his case manager for retention assistance.