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Why You Should Partner with JHP

“Jobs Have Priority (JHP’s) job fairs have been a wonderful experience for our company, MarcParcValet, Inc. JHP consistently has great candidates, such as our honored veterans, for our many positions at their job fairs. JHP is a professional organization that works with our company and goes that extra mile to see that we can connect with as many qualified candidates as possible.”

JHP works with you to understand what types of positions you need to fill and what kind of skills and training is required. We partner with vocational training programs and employers to make sure our program participants have the skills needed to do the job you hire them for.

But our partnership goes beyond just placing one of our clients with you. We maintain contact with all JHP-placed employees for an entire year. JHP knows securing employment is just one part of becoming self-sufficient. It can be a rocky road and our deligent case workers are there to help make sure each participant is as successful as they can be.

Our participants are veterans, youth that have aged out of the foster care system, ex-offenders re-entering the workforce and women escaping domestic violence. We also work with recovered alcohol and drug users and individuals with mental illness. All our clients come from different walks of life, but their goal is the same: become self-sufficient.

And if your hire doesn’t work out, we will work with you and the individual to find out why it’s not working and fix it or find someone else for you.

Ultimatey, not only will you be helping our client reach their goals, but your company will receive benefits for hiring through JHP. In addition to JHP paying for the training of a new employee based on your needs, your company can receive tax benefits for hiring from certain groups under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Join us in our mission.

If you have any further questions, please contact Yolanda Bailey.