Our Existing Partners

Helping homeless individuals secure gainful employment is dependent on a number of things including a company’s willingness to hire them. Thanks to many companies in the region, JHP has placed thousands of our clients in permanent jobs and put them on the road to self-sufficiency.

We work with companies in various industries including healthcare, maintenance, hospitality, food service, security, construction and office administration. We depend on our employment partners along with a number of staffing companies to place our participants in employment.

It is our job to understand what types of positions employers need to fill and what kind of skills and training is required. We partner with each employer and vocational training program to make sure our program participants have the skills needed to do the job they are hired for.

We provide follow-up and human resources support as needed to the employee and supervisor, and financial support for start-up costs including licenses, uniforms, background checks and bonding or drug testing. In addition to JHP paying for the training of one or more employees based on an employer’s needs, companies can receive tax benefits for hiring from certain groups under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. It’s a win-win all around – a homeless person secures a job and employers feel good knowing they’ve helped someone move from dependency to self-sufficiency.

JHP Partners